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Our Teleapps ratings service promises reliable and authentic app ratings and installs, improving your app’s position in rankings and visiblity. Subsequently, your app’s keywords ranking will increase, generating more organic traffic and engagement. We offer reliability, confidentiality, and a seamless customer experience to ensure your app will benefit exponentially from our service.

We offer a one-time purchase option, or a subscription based service (offered in either a monthly or yearly basis). Simply visit our “Plans” page and select the plan that is most suitable for your specific needs. For assistance in deciding what plan is right for you, please contact us at

After your campaign will be finished, we will send you the full report containing each Review provided by our service. In addition, you will be able to track them using your Google Developer Account or the Google Play page.

All subscription plans come with a monthly report containing an in-depth performance review of the ratings campaign. Please note that one-time purchasers are not eligible to receive a monthly report.

Our services are fully compliant with the Google Play Store and iOS App Store regulations with the gurantee that all our ratings are genuine and authentic.

Our ratings service is restricted to free apps only. At this moment, we are unable to offer our services to paid apps, apps with APK’s and apps with affiliate/tracking links. Please contact us if you would like to receive further assistance on the matter.

We currently offer our ratings service on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Our ratings service is currently offered for the following app store countries:

Japan (JP) Thailand (TH) Egypt (EG) United States (US) Turkey (TR) Finland (FI) United Kingdom (GB) United Arab Emirates (AE) Greece (GR) Taiwan (TW) Vietnam (VN) Ireland (IE) Russia (RU) Indonesia (ID) Hong Kong (HK) South Korea (KR) Malaysia (MY) Singapore (SG) Canada (CA) Mexico (MX) Kazakhstan (KZ) France (FR) New Zealand (NZ) Kuwait (KW) Germany (DE) South Africa (ZA) Macau (MO) Australia (AU) Argentina (AR) Netherlands (NL) Brazil (BR) Austria (AT) Pakistan (PK) India (IN) Belarus (BY) Philippines (PH) Israel (IL) Belgium (BE) Poland (PL) Italy (IT) Brunei (BN) Slovakia (SK) Norway (NO) Chile (CL) Slovenia (SI) Saudi Arabia (SA) Colombia (CO) Ukraine (UA) Spain (ES) Croatia (HR) Venezuela (VE) Sweden (SE) Denmark (DK) Switzerland (CH) Dominican Republic (DO)